Friday, October 28, 2011

Woman driving alone in US - part 3

Comments on women driving alone on multi-day road trips in the US
  1. When she drove here over 1000 miles four years ago, she drove a moving van all by herself and did a great job.  She had no problems.
  2. What a fitting topic - I love to travel alone in USA - since an early age every time I get a chance I take a road trip. I have favorite places ...I rarely use a map, know where to stop for coffee, and now free internet. What would any women be afraid of ... it's so carry a lead pipe under the front seat, about 2 foot long, I learned the trick while living in NYC, convincing for bums who walk up to the car, and comes in handy in changing a tire when the lug wrench is too short.
  3. What a good idea!  There is one famous movie star who says she would rather travel alone.  Just driving myself 70 miles distance was a challenge at first.  When my husband was alive, he did almost all of the driving so I got out of practice re driving any distance-big mistake.
  4. Wow!  What a great post!  I'm inspired.  Thanks for sharing the comments from these wonderful women.
  5. Drive like us older people.  Only go 250 or 300 miles a day and do everything in the daylight.
  6. Did drive to Austin, TX with daughter a few years ago to drop off my car for her (then flew back) but have only driven by myself on 'one day' trips because I'm afraid to do longer ones without someone 'there' for me. (I don't mind staying alone, just not comfortable driving long distances alone. This, from a woman who traveled on business alone for many years and never thought a thing about it)!  But, now, with no one at home, like a husband or parents, there is a feeling of true isolation on a's all 'on you'.  It does take some getting over.  Think this sort of information will do wonders for many TSU widows/divorcees, whatever...the 'alone ones', and perhaps, help us get over the fact that we do have to learn to do this if we don't want to vegetate in a 'cave' of our own making (of course, there are some of us who will think that's pretty cool)!  It's hard out there...but the info you sent shows that there are many rewards of single travel if we only knew how to do that without fear of being 'taken advantage of''?  So much to see and do, if we only could.

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