Monday, October 31, 2011

Bad news into gold

The best boss I ever had both supported and also contended with colleagues in a tough game for decades.  I got this statement in response to the post "Mishaps into art"

On creativity.  I have always thought of myself of creative generally, so I appreciate your examples.

I enjoy choosing a creative mind-set approaching problems of all sorts.  In fact, I now believe that, at least with the physical challenges of creating art, it is the challenge itself that pushes (or pulls) one to a new way of seeing things and that new way contains the seed of a new and creative way of responding to the challenge. Some of the best designs came from being stuck or facing a mistake, which demanded that I start all over OR find a new path.  New paths create new designs.

When I was an administrator I often remarked that I loved challenges, amidst all the wailing about the bad news of the day.  I think now that it was not the challenges themselves I loved, but the way they unleashed imagination and surprising solutions.  After all, what responses are possible?  Despair? Get used to it? Or see it as a door to new ways of thinking.  Gamester that I am, I almost always veered to the latter. That's why I never burned out. Except for a few thorny interpersonal sink holes, it was an enriching game.

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