Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mishaps into art

My daughter once stepped on a doorstop that was in the baseboard.  Stepping on it caused a piece to tear out of the baseboard, making an ugly scar.  I told her I wanted her to fix it, not being entirely sure what she would do or how she make a repair.   She took a small rectangular piece of wood, painted a nice fern leaf on it and glued the wood over the break.  She screwed the doorstop into the patch and all done!

Lynn had a stain on some pants she liked.  She tried to remove the stain but no luck.  So, she got some fabric paint and painted a floral design on the pants, covering the stained area.  Sometimes people ask her where she got the neat looking pants.

A neighbor lost a tree to a storm.  It was leaning insecurely and efforts to assist the tree with ropes and stakes did not help.  So, they cut the tree down.  They bought a small lawn decoration and placed it where the stump was, surrounding it with attractively colored mulch and a further ring of white gravel.  

Maybe Mt. Rushmore was created to cover unsightly gashes in the side of the mountain and the Sistine Chapel had stains to be covered with the famous paintings by Michelangelo.  Art can be inspired by mishaps.

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