Friday, October 14, 2011

Complete, perform, rather than surpass

Byron Katie is an interesting woman author/thinker who has an interesting scholar/writer for a husband.  She and Dr. Wayne Dyer made recorded a session together.  During a Q&A period Katie said that she was having the time of her life watching her 60-something body fall apart.  I feel the same way, so far.  It really is interesting to see what goes first, how much loss there is in this sense, that muscle group.

I am interested in fighting aging, resisting it but I am also interested in doing so in appropriate moderation, with appropriate acceptance.  What is appropriate?  What I decide is right.  I am the best judge.  I don't want to be too slack, nor too rigorous.

I have had relatively tight hamstrings for at least 10 years.  Some of my friends have said," Of course, you are tight.  Look at you!  You are not a relaxed sort of person.  You are very focused and hardly ever laid back."  When I took my first couple of yoga classes, I saw many women in the class who could sit on the floor with their legs in a V shape out in front of them and completely fold over, putting their upper body against the floor.   If I sit like that, I can bend a few degrees forward and that is absolutely all I can do.  

A physical therapist asked me to go through the set of exercises I use to keep my back healthy and limber.  She warned me that she saw a tendency to "go ballistic", her term for determinedly making my body stretch.  She said I was using a good method for tightening myself over and over.  

I am entering an age where being able to move is the goal, moving itself.  I have never been a big competitor but I am even less so now.  I don't care how many people pass the finish line before me.  Just getting to the line is satisfaction for me.  Just accomplishing the movement, doing the exercise is an important achievement.

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