Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Google Voice

This blog is for my friends and anybody else who wants to read it.  This is my motivation to discuss Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Apple products that I use and like.  I also mention Honda and other products that seem good ones to me, such as Thera-Bands for quick and convenient exercise.  Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world and so has zillions of products.  Google has many products, too, and the great majority are quite useful and free.

There has recently been publicity about Google Earth having been downloaded over a billion (1000 millions, you know) times.  Anything downloaded that many times probably deserves an examination.  I have tried it and I don't really know much about using that "product" but I will probably get around to it eventually.  I use Google Maps and find it very convenient but Earth is much more powerful.  I understand it can show the bottoms of the oceans and the mountains that project up from the ocean floor and much more.  Being the bookish type, I look up books on using a Google product if I get serious and have difficulty.  I will say that many Google products have not been all that intuitive for me to use.

The Google product that I meant to write about today is Google Voice.  I have posted a little about it before, but I continue to mention it to friends as worth looking into.  We get good service from our Tracfones and they are quite inexpensive, relative to other things we have tried and heard about.  However, on a limited keyboard, text messages are difficult and bothersome to compose.  So, finding that I can create, send and receive text messages on my computer using Google Voice and send them at no cost (to me) is great.  The HP laptop I use has a pretty good keyboard but I find the HP USB-pluggable auxiliary keyboard is still more convenient.  I use it to compose and I can do text messages using it, the computer and Google Voice.  

One of the most surprising things about Google Voice is that I can receive the text messages I get in it and forward the text to an email address.  Another thing is that I chose to let Google Voice give me a separate new phone number.  However, I get a menu of all the phone numbers I control and decide which of them or all or none will ring if someone calls my Google Voice number.

Of course, the application is actually about voice transmission and has full capabilities in that area.  It makes a printed copy of voice call speech and a audio file, too.

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