Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Woman on the road alone

A woman is considering a long car trip alone.  Well, alone is one possibility.  That reminds me of my mother, who told me that some restaurants would not seat a single woman.  I am not sure that many restaurants follow that practice today.  It seems an unwise policy but I can see that many places would not want to become a sex market.  I have zero experience with sex markets.  But today, the interest in how a woman alone can comfortably travel about seems high and the topic is clearly relevant, what with late marriages, plenty of divorces and women living longer lives in greater health, often more their husbands.

I thought I had seen books on Amazon about living alone so I put "women alone" in Amazon and got 65,000 hits.  Amazon will throw everything available into search results but the first few results do seem quite relevant to physical safety and comfort aspects of traveling alone, as well, of course, to the emotional and social aspects.  I am reminded of a book that Lynn found inspirational called "I'm Not As Old As I Used to Be".  That woman lost her husband, who wasn't big on travel.  After his death, the woman satisfied her interest in foreign travel quite satisfactorily.

I realize that for many people of either gender, a good companion trumps solitude.  But sometimes not.  As I look over the many books on adult female travel alone that seem as though they might help with ideas, tips and encouragement, Go Your Own Way seems like a possibility.  Even it that one doesn't appeal to you, others that come up from Amazon as suggested alternatives might.

The famous Catholic wit, G.K. Chesterton, said,"Whenever I get the urge to exercise, I lie down until it goes away."  As we age, we are more familiar with the temporary nature of all urges and itches.  So, if you are interested in saving money and effort, just wait until the urge to travel goes away.

A good number of the regular readers of this blog are wise, witty, healthy women.  I am interested in tips and ideas from them that I can post on this subject. 

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