Monday, October 17, 2011

Calm, beautiful ad-libbing

One of Lynn's favorite movies is Strangers in Good Company.  It is an odd movie that has had more than one title.  It was first titled "The Company of Strangers".  We have watched it several times.  A student told me once that a course in film advised watching any movie three times: for plot and then for more details and awareness of the whole thing.

This is not a competitor to "Silence of the Lambs" :( or "True Lies" :).  Nothing gets blown up and there are no murders or sex scenes.  Like real life among older people, it just rolls along.  I learned recently that the all-older-woman cast are not professional actresses and that they used a very loosely written script and ad-libbed much of the dialogue, telling their own life stories mostly.  It is meant to be quieting and gentle and it really is.  

The women discuss the kindnesses and cruelties they have given and received, from others and from events and chances.  The sound track includes the 2nd movement of Schubert's String Quartet in C Major, opus 163.  If that music doesn't move you, probably nothing will.  It is the same music used in the movie "Carrington" starring Emma Thompson, a sad movie.  "Strangers" is not sad but definitely reflective.

We are still enrolled in Netflix, both for DVD's by mail and streaming and we stream from  We have an Amazon Prime membership, which equals free shipping and many movies and tv shows from the past streamed to our tv without additional charge.  

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