Sunday, October 2, 2011


Writing this blog has developed my sensitivity for ideas, especially what strikes me as unusual and valuable.  For instance, today's blog post was accompanied by a snippet from the latest BPS (British Psychological Society) addition to their blog, advice to try eating with one's minor hand, the non-dominant one, to avoid automatically following habitual munching as in a theater setting provided with popcorn.

Sometimes, I want to write about what is happening in my life currently.  This coming week will be the peak week for my work with LIFE, a local organization of retired persons who like learning.  The name is actually Learning is For Ever and is abbreviated L.I.F.E.  or with no periods, LIFE.  The name and the idea that one should keep on learning both bug me since I am convinced that we all keep on learning as long as we are breathing.  I am convinced that we can't stop learning, even if we want to.  

This organization recently celebrated its 10th birthday and was about 5 years old when I retired.  Having local college faculty and various local experts and enthusiasts explain, describe and inspire is very satisfying and definitely fun.  When I went to college and to graduate school, I only have time and energy to explore some of the subjects, some of the world.  When I have had a chance to travel, I have only had time, money and energy to explore a little of the world.  So, with more time and leisure and still serviceable energy levels, I really enjoy having an expert on politics tell me some things about our society, all societies and the theory and practice of politics on the local, state, and national levels.  Or, people discuss their hikes in Ireland.  One talk was on the art, meaning and manners of Chinese fans and their use by Chinese women.

I will be meeting with a few dozen people to discuss good books to read and another group on the methods and reasons for writing a blog.  I have also held sessions on physical fitness, meditation, Excel, Myer-Briggs-Keirney personality typology  and keeping older brains sharp.  

As more educated, mentally active and curious baby-boomers in this country and others reach retirement or something like it, the interest in such activities and organizations will grow.

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