Friday, July 21, 2017

A mirror site

I realized this morning as I looked at the wrinkled aging skin on my arm that one of the most useful comments I ever read was by a woman called "Byron Katie".  I have written about her before and so has my friend Winnie:

I wondered what Byron is up to these days and looked at her Twitter account.  Evidently, she just finished giving sessions in France and Holland.  She has her own web site and several books, all focused on The Work, which involves handling one's beliefs and problems  explicitly with questions and honest answers.  Her main question is Is it true?  I feel I can't go on, that you always pick on me, that I can't stay away from potato chips.  Are those ideas true?

In looking at her Twitter account, I found several statements that were valuable to read and think about.  The idea that I laughed about the most was explained with a little drawing of a monk sitting in the lotus position.  It is an invitation to play "transcendental hide and seek".  To play, close your eyes and count to 60.  Then, open them and see if you can find yourself."

Looking at my aging skin, I recall Katie's comment that she was having the time of her life watching her body fall apart.  It is possible to take aging as an adventure, one that I have never experienced before but that is very famous.  As some people say, it may be more fun that the alternative.

I like to read and explore new ideas and personalities.  When I find some that really ought to be shared, I share them in this blog, the Kirbyvariety web site, orally with friends. and on Twitter.  I realized today that I am a kind of mirror site.  Various computer and software firms have sites around the world to transmit downloads faster because they are nearer some customers.  

Katie has several books, such as "A Friendly Universe".  She comes up with statements such as "I can't let go of my thoughts.  I meet them with inquiry and they let go of me."

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