Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Several women of Time

The Time magazine of July 24, vol. 190, no.4, has several articles that strike me as quite valuable.  Why this is already volume 190, I am not sure.  It can't be that each year has been a volume since Time is not that old.  Maybe a volume every half year.

Anyhow, Heather Gerken first.  She writes that law school teaches a fundamental practice, essential in law, that everyone could use.  It relates, of course, to the fact that a working lawyer needs to use her imagination to create a helpful argument to support the client, or attack the client's cause.  Since lawyers have to be able to argue for either A or not-A, they must work at understanding the advantages of all positions and be able to communicate them in court.  The basic skill is defending an idea without agreeing with it.  Heather Gerken is the dean of the Yale Law School.

Then, a series of women who wrote sections of an article on exercise and health.  It is short, bright and quite useful.  

·       Amanda Macmillan

·       Alice Park

·       Mandy Oaklander

·       Alexandra Sifferlin

All the women listed in this post have Twitter accounts and you can follow them all there.

The outstanding two points in my mind from their work is the inclusion of meditation as a physical (and mental and emotional) tool of very basic importance and noting that some yoga and some running and some weight lifting all matter.  You don't have to be a qualified Olympic level athlete for physical exercise of many kinds to be a big help.

As usual, the issue highlights politics but there are many other valuable things to think about and do in this life.

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