Tuesday, July 11, 2017


There is a big push for all sorts of freedom from all restraints.  Actually, we romanticize restraintlessness but most of the time, we aren't really aware of the restraints that we are subject to.  Gravity is a restraint but our bodies are used to it and we might be in an unpleasant fix without it.  Normal social behavior restraints might seem burdensome but we don't really want to be nude, rude and crude, do we?  Misbehave in some ways and your mom might never be able to forgive you.

My friend was in the grocery store and saw a woman slap a baby.  The baby already had red marks on its cheeks.  "What are you doing?"  "None of your fucking business, Lady"  Fucking???? Fucking!!!! The situation was between two women and a little baby.  Nothing fucking about it, at all.  Why bring up the subject of sexual intercourse?

That is not what the words were about.  They were about anger, common sense, privacy and fear.  The expletive was once THE word to express high levels of anger, ferocity, fury.  But since we are living in an era of limit testing and since every standup comedian standing before an audience of young people uses the F word as frequently as possible, the word is losing its potency.  See the problem?  We are in danger of losing our cuss words!  Okay, several exclamation marks:!!!!!

Can't you just see it?  Mr. and Mrs. Caveman are enjoying a nice dinner but the fire needs another log.  He puts a log on the fire but accidentally burns himself a little bit.  He might exclaim at that point:"Sugar!" but sugar is unknown at that time, so that is out.  He is hurt and unhappy.  He wants to shout something unhappy.  How about that stuff that comes out of himself, his wife, his kids and the dog?  He shouts "Excrement!"  Mrs. Caveman says,"Cavey, please!  Watch your language. Think of the children."

Obviously, that is probably how cussing, shouting offensive, unmannerly words got started.  More information here:


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