Saturday, July 8, 2017

I didn't get a round To-It

I didn't write yesterday and now it is 7:45 AM and I have not sent out a blog post.  I did look at my prompts.  The current list is the 9th one and it has 292 notes of ideas to write about.  You would think that one or more of those would serve well and you would be rigth.  [Oh sure, now that I have posted, I find this error.] Of course there are good ideas for writing among all those jottings.  I just didn't get around to it.  

I have seen wooden circles, large as 12 inches or more, labeled "RounToIt" in gift and curio shops.  For a long time, I didn't understand what they were but now I know that a round to-it is a joke about life and living and time.  Now I am getting around to writing.

I have the practice of avoiding all my lists of notes, kept in my Google Drive, at first, when starting to write.  Instead, I like a piece of blank paper and a pencil.  I just jot down what is happening right then or happened in the day so far or is about to happen, to the best of my knowledge.  Yesterday, Lynn worked at the Q Gallery, the artists' coop she is a member of, and she was there when I got home from lifting weights.  Our friends recently drove to Minneapolis airport to pick up a relative, do some shopping and sightseeing and come home.  

The woman called Lynn to say she was home and I got to listen to their conversation of a while earlier because our answering machine picked up the call before Lynn did and recorded the whole thing.  I am close to the neighbors, too, and I liked having the chance to hear their talk.  "Answering machine antics" was the first note I made on my scrap paper.  My difficulties the day before getting various devices to connect to the home wireless signal was the 2nd note.

I have a habit of making no more than five notes before settling down to make a choice.  I know from experience that any note can serve and that merely having the idea or basic theme is not the same as completing 300-500 words.  The note can get things started but invariably other ideas will come along and modify and extend the writing.  I thought I might list the full set of ideas I wrote yesterday for this post but it turns out I can't get the notions across without running to several pages.  Rightly or not, I want to get this out.  I want to get tomorrow's post written, too.

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