Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Politics, tea bags and very active chldren

I was impressed that Robert Hutchins, a young college president and then president of the University of Chicago, said that politics is the architectonic science.  I am not a classics scholar nor well-read in the subject of what those guys had to say.  Just now, I tried to verify Hutchins quote and found that Aristotle had said the same thing a couple of thousands years earlier.  


Said what?  That everything depends on politics.  Well, maybe.  Everything includes quite a bit and it all depends on a number of things, depending on your point of view.  Everything depends on gravity and oxygen and structure and time and preceding conditions and other fundamentals, too.  


I like to notice puzzling questions that come to my mind and look them up in Google.  If you think Google is too powerful or snoopy, you can use Bing or Duckduckgo.  Whatever - I like to try "search engines" to see what comes up on subjects that come to mind.  Tea bags came to mind.  I was making tea and I wanted to know if I needed to jiggle the tea bag if I wanted a stronger cup of tea.  Turns out "jiggling" seems less popular for describing tea bag agitation in the cup than "dunking".  Read some articles and immediately was immersed in complexities, variables, details, conditions and definitions. My takeaway: No


I like a small amount of sugar in my tea but I am limiting sugar.  Put some in or not?  That lead to the question: Is a sugar high verified to exist or just a rumor?  Looked it up.  Again with the complexities, variables, details and such.  My takeaway: the sugar high is not verified and may not really exist.


Dunking a tea bag or evaluating a playground of children for sugar highs does not compare with weighty matters like air pollution, national health insurance or levels of unemployment.  So it is not surprising that good people and bad, experts and citizens of every type find themselves involved on complexities, variables, details and disagreements when trying to guide the giants ships of communities, states and the country.  


I recommend some patience, some faith in the future, some hope and some work on your favorite causes, all without driving yourself or your friends to despair.


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