Monday, July 24, 2017

Exploring gadgets

My mini iPads are getting old.  The older one goes crazy, actually crazy.  It starts transmitting messages to itself that are pure junk.  It acts like it is haunted but I don't believe in electronic ghosts.  As far as I can tell, new ones cost $399.00 and up.  I don't know if I really need to spend that much.


I have found that avoiding a smartphone and using internet connectivity from a computer is more valuable, easier and more fun.  There are times when the well-designed and very portable mini iPad is quite handy.  Still, there are alternatives to the Apple iPad.  I am trying out an Amazon Fire, which I got on their Prime Day sale and a Samsung Galaxy Android.  On special sale, the Fire cost $35 and the model Samsung Android cost $99.  


Whether using a tablet or computer, I like to use Google services and products.  They are not always obvious and can be a little tricky to learn and to become comfortable with.  However, Google uses web pages for its stuff and many of the best tools are free to use.  Because they are on web pages rather than installable software, they can be accessed by any device. Well, many devices, those that are not slanted toward certain sources and away from others.  


The competition among Apple, Amazon, Google and some others can interfere with what devices get access to what.  I am not sure what having a browser of its own allows a company to do but it must be important or seem that way to managers.  I like to use Firefox, which is an independent browser and I thought I could install it on the Fire tablet but I can't find it and maybe I never did.  So far, what I think are restrictions and commercial competitive barriers have made the Galaxy seem like a better bet.  But just this morning, I sent my aging mini iPad away for repairs. Apple has a reputation for good design and engineering and they seem to still be that way.


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