Saturday, July 29, 2017




"Right now!"

We mean instantly, at this moment.  The business of "right now" is related to a basic American love.  Often referred to as "instant gratification", we like things right now, no waiting, not later but NOW.  So, when I take a pill, I would like the effect right now. When I order a drone online, I would like it to be delivered within 30 seconds.

I notice a little political flim-flamery when we hope they will decide to build a big, new plant that will mean many jobs.  The announcement says they have agreed to build here. Yay!  When?  Well, the details have to be worked out. There are some permissions to be gathered and some arrangements to be made.  What?  How long?  When? I am an American and I can't wait.  By the way, being an antsy citizen, I somewhat cheated and misled by your announcement, especially the headline.  Turns out, that several long years from now, at a time to be calculated later, this plant might actually exist.

I realize that my itchiness, my adolescent desire for everything arriving immediately cheats me.  I can't really learn an additional language or a musical instrument without some patience and some sense that growth and change take place slowly, not immediately.  I lifted weights yesterday but when I looked in the mirror this morning, I didn't look any more muscular than I did two days ago.  I skipped dessert yesterday but my waist was no smaller today. What gives?  Does this dieting stuff work or is it another scam?

I read this article in the BBC news:  I guess some Mexicans say "right now" but don't mean it in the way I want.  I don't want to wait. I am not built to wait.  I hate to wait.  Can we go faster?  Are we there yet?

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