Friday, July 14, 2017


A "spoiler alert" warns readers and viewers and fans that the following words or sounds might reveal who murdered Sam or whether Susie is pregnant or whatever the cliff-dangling question is.  But I find that spoiler alerts often heighten the tension instead of eliminating it.  

Noo, you don't mean it!  The princess murdered Sam??!?  No way!  Wait, wait, you must tell me more: Are we talking about the princess who is stunned and mute by the sight of him?  How could she be the killer?

Well, it turns out that the wicked stepfather, you know, the zombie king, infected the princess with zombie cooties.  Those things are deadly and made her hate what she loved.  But now that you know, you can see that you are all ready to see for yourself.  The tip didn't spoil the story but increased your interest in seeing just how that wicked man lured that sweet little thing into his rotten plan.  Besides, what is going to happen how?  Will she recover from the cooties ?  Will she be mortified and petrified?  After all, the girl shows grit, spunk, feist, spirit and like that.  Unless continuous cooties are shot into her, that king is going to have a reckoning with her and that troupe of skater-derby teammates of hers.  How is it all going to work out?

I recommend that you avoid spoilers if they have been a bother but otherwise, march ahead.  Knowing a little more of the story is likely to increase your interest, not dampen it.

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