Monday, July 3, 2017

No added sugar, nothing of flour

Bright Line Eating has four rules:

  1. No added sugar food

  2. No flour

  3. Three meals a day on time

  4. One plate or weigh the food

I am a clock person and am usually on time and aware of what time it is.  I get full pretty quickly these days so #'s 3 and 4 are no problem.  It is surprising to me how eating no flour affects the daily eating decisions. No sandwiches, no wraps, no toast.  I can do without added sugar rather easily and I do not lust after cakes or cookies.  Good chocolate is another matter and some other candies call me but with diminished hearing and plenty of pride in being good and able to resist, I am doing ok.  I have been following these rules since May 23.  I picked the arbitrary target of a weight of 150.  I weighed about 129 when I graduated from college.  


About 30 years ago, I read a book by two professors of dentistry.  I remember the house we lived in at the time because I went to the kitchen cupboard and looked at our food.  After reading their recommendations, it seemed there was nothing to eat.  I am familiar with that unfounded idea now and I rather welcome it.  I know that humans are wily critters and can scour the possibilities and find things.  Sugar in one form or another gets added to a great many foods.  Doing without it improves my ability to really taste the food I do eat.  I have always liked the taste of kale and lima beans.  I find edamame beans quite similar and very tasty.  I am not badly overweight and I don't mind good 50% butter on the beans and other foods.


Of course, the aim is not just a lower weight but less body fat.  People are always cautioning me that older people, say over 70, might want to have some body fat in case of disease.  The longtime recommendation for younger people has been a Body Mass Index of 25.  Google can calculate BMI in a jiffy.  Mine is a little below 27.  But regardless, I want to reach 150 mostly out of stubbornness.


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