Sunday, October 6, 2013

Improved wasting

I tend to wake up fully and abruptly.  That fits nicely with having a job.  Standard opening: up, dress, eat, go to work.  Work took up the day.  Now, in retirement, each day is a choice.  Not on trips and all - there are many days that are mostly laid out and then just lived according to a plan with a purpose.  But on many more occasions than earlier in my life, I have leisure.  I have the opportunity to decide.

You can see how meditation, just sitting still and letting thoughts come to mind, fits with such a day.  I prefer to write my blog about what is happening in my life.  That preference goes right along with the sitting reflection on what has been happening, what has my attention, what's up with me?

Last weekend, I was in a giant Barnes and Noble store and came across a book on the subject of hearing.  I haven't read much of that and I want to get to more of it.  When we eat out or have people over for a meal, that takes up time and attention.  I have been walking most weekdays.  I lift weight two or three times a week and run a short distance, too.  

But I don't feel as though I am as organized at trivial activities and arbitrary undertakings as I could be.  I am curious: how I can improve my time-wasting?  I would like to cram more hours of wasted time in my day but I seem to drift into purposeful things more than I should as a retired person.  I am afraid of being evaluated by St. Peter at the pearly gates for how well I wasted days during retirement.  I don't want the record to be too skimpy or to be faulted for poor-quality fooling around.  I am looking for books and courses on improved time-wasting.  There have to be better ways and I intend to find them.

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