Monday, October 7, 2013

Various unorganized comments

One of the attractive things about some women is their air quotes.  When they use their fingers to indicate quotation marks meaning a word is being used ironically or in some special sense, they wiggle their fingers in the air while saying the word.  Their hands, their finger wiggles are attractive, kissable.

Our greatgranddaughter was looking extra nice the other day and I said,"You are looking extra pretty today."  She said in the sympathetic tone you would use to console someone who had an owie, "I know".

We had quite a bit of excellent French bread left over and Lynn suggested we have it for breakfast.  So, cheese, nuts, oranges, the bread and some really good Shiraz for breakfast.  Surprisingly satisfying all the way to lunch.

I suppose it is typical of being older but I get a little irritated by ads and other text written for the general reader that uses too much teen slang.  I say let the kids be up-to-date and let general messages use more everyday language.

I was surprised at the comments recently about not wanting to grow up, resigning from adulthood and the like.  My first thought about childhood was that it was a time of dependency, limitations and confusion.  While I can't do a really experimental comparison since I am quite changed from back then, being a child again does not especially appeal.  One possibility that came to mind is that now that we are adults, many of us actually in the last phase of our lives, we might see many ways of living as a child that we didn't understand back then.  That is one thing that would be fun: re-living the years from say 5 or 6 to maybe 25 with all or most of our present knowledge, skills and abilities.


As people my age think about their lives and histories, they often realize that they don't know much about what their parents and grandparents actually did and felt and faced during one's child years.  That would be one aspect of re-living childhood that could be especially valuable: the chance to take note of the comments and activities that important adults were making and doing while I was learning to read and playing tag on the playground.  The questions I could ask now would probably leave me with a deeper understanding of my loved ones' lives than I managed to acquire initially.

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