Saturday, March 26, 2016

I am somewhere else

Where am I in the year?  Near spring, which comes slowly around here.  It was 7°F this morning, about three hours ago.  Now it is ­29° and it expected to climb into the 40's, 50's in a few days.  If I misunderstand where I am and put on sunscreen and my bathing suit for a sun bath, I will be in for a reminder from the air outside about my location.

I can forget where I am.  I can be directed by strong impulses that are part of my basic living structure.  That impulse to award the muscular, shapely body the highest level of admiration needs correction.  It doesn't come from rational thought but from biological impulses equivalent to forgetting where I am.

The drive to be sexual and ripe and productive is not the only one that continually misleads me.  The other one relates to food and maintenance of life.  My biologically implanted urges tend to aim me at the meat and potatoes.  The most imaginative writing I have met about food is that of Brian Wansink of Cornell University.  He has collected all sorts of great data and information about the food selection habits of us humans. We still tend to go right for the carbs and meat.  Our noses and our eyes drive us to the most calories and the longest lasting physical hunger satisfaction.  Wansink has lots of evidence that we have a natural drive toward meat and salty, fatty carbs.

I know that trained and re-trained people have trained themselves to avoid meat or chips and go for lettuce, kale, radishes and cucumbers.  I have some of that re-training, too.  I still have to catch myself not to open up and stuff everything in.  With a little forbearance, I eat well and I feel good afterward but I still have to remain alert to messages from brain and eye that don't know where I am in life.

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