Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Fwd: Last day of vacation

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Today was our last day of vacation before beginning our trip home. We left peaceful Jekyll Island, which accurately calls itself "bike friendly," to drive the 22 miles to St. Simon's Island, through Brunswick, GA.

The bridge to Brunswick is tall, long, and beautiful. At the top you can see miles and miles of wetlands. Here is a link to a picture of it, which I obviously did not take. HTTPS://

We stopped in Brunswick to do laundry and run a few errands before going to St. Simon's. We got there about 11 and were lucky to be able to check into a motel right away. We went for a drive through the island and decided not to go out again until dinner. The traffic is like big city traffic all squished into a pretty small piece of land. Unpleasant, especially after the laid back atmosphere of Jekyll.

We ate dinner at Ember, a restaurant with a very unusual menu. We had an item called "Elmer," a rabbit pizza with carrots as one of the ingredients. Delicious, actually. Bill had a drink with lots of ginger and jalapeƱo in it. He enjoyed it too. 

Despite the good meal, I think we would have had a lot more fun spending our last day on Jekyll.

Attached are two pictures I took at the Fountain of Youth in St. Augustine the other day. I loved seeing peacocks having
​Quaker meeting
 in a tree. 

Love, Bill and Lynn

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