Monday, March 14, 2016

Fwd: Skipped Sunday and now it's Monday

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Yesterday I didn't write because by the time we had a chance to write, it all seemed too boring and I was not in the mood. 

We decided to take US1 from Melbourne to St. Augustine instead of I-95. Instead of the predicted 2 hours it would take, according to Joan GPS, it took most of the day, and we did finally go on I-95 anyway because US1 was so slow. I had planned to stop at some parks or a beach along the way, but we inadvertently drove past all of them. 

Sunday was the end of Bike Week at Daytona Beach, and there were motorcycles and big pickups pulling motorcycle trailers and campers with motorcycles tied to their backs. Plus all the normal traffic  on I-95 with lots of semis and cars going about 90 mph. Driving was a hassle. 

We got to our motel about 4:30 and went to the outlet mall nearby. I didn't like the stores it had and we left right away. We had dinner at Ruby Tuesday--a good meal, but nothing exciting. And it poured rain off and on all night, soaking me on the way into the restaurant. After dropping me off at the door, Bill waited in the car until the rain slowed down a bit and then used my umbrella. His was in his backpack in our room. 

This morning we took the Red Train tour of historic St. Augustine. It purports to be the  oldest  continuously inhabited city in North America. It had a really bloody past, I must say, with wars between whoever was in control and whoever wanted to be in control, with what would be called genocide these days (according to our guide) and beheadings. But it is an attractive Old Town. The only place we got off the train/bus was at the Fountain of Youth. We stopped there when I was 17, but looking at me now, it obviously didn't work. Now it costs $15 per person to go in to see it. I had already seen it and Bill wasn't interested. But we did see peacocks on the grounds and in the trees. It was cloudy all morning, so we didn't get too much sun. 

After lunch we drove on I-95 to Jekyll Island, where we plan to spend two nights. I think we're going to like it here. Our motel is on the ocean, although our very pretty room faces inland. It is sunny and 85 degrees, the warmest day we've had so far. Last night our desk clerk was commenting on the rain and he said he was afraid they had just had the last of their cool weather, which was highs around 75. 

The attached picture was taken on the grounds of our motel on Jekyll Island.

Love, Bill and Lynn

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