Monday, March 7, 2016

Fwd: Gulf Shores

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We spent the whole day today reliving the 3 winters we spent in Gulf Shores. Obviously we can't do it all, but we did a lot. 

This morning we walked the beach for about an hour
 something I really love.
here were warnings for rip tides. But the bigger the waves, the more exciting they are to watch. They're never huge at the Gulf, or perhaps I should say I've never seen them to be huge, but they were good sized today. More than once Bill
s shoes were flooded, even though he was trying to keep them dry. I, on the other hand, wanted to walk in the water's edge, so of course I got wet up to the knee a few times, unexpectedly.

We spent a good bit of time driving around and walking (more briefly) in places we used to walk, such as the Backcountry Trail. All this activity required us to take a nap, too. We got pretty tired.

Some gastronomical attractions include good coffee, oysters, hush puppies, red beans and rice, and greens. However, the ice cream doesn't come anywhere near what you can get at Emy J's in Stevens Point.

We really did enjoy everything we did today, but we both feel that we would not want to come here for an extended period again. A day or two is

Spring breakers are everywhere. A woman in a shop told me that kids on spring break have been so awful (wild, destructive, drunken) in Panama City that starting this year they are no longer allowed there. Then Gulf Shores became the place to go instead, rumor has it. This woman told me that the police in this area are on high alert for unwanted activity and are ready to arrest or make them leave town, much more than in past years. As she said, these are family beaches.
​There are
 a lot of young children, as well as young adults. But next week, everyone has told us, will be when spring break starts in earnest. We will be gone, thankfully, and we aren't planning to go to beaches in Florida. 

I took a lot of pictures today, so
​I am including 4 of them. I hope it doesn't slow down your email too much.

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