Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Fwd: Travel day

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There is very little to tell about today. We drove to Tallahassee, where we are spending the night. We ate in places where you can easily get low calorie meals, as we are both hoping to NOT put on pounds during this trip.

We had a bit of trouble at this motel. We reserved a room thru Expedia, and when we got here, Expedia told them we had given them an invalid credit card, which we had not. I gave Expedia a new one that is good, but Expedia had decided to use an old card that was long ago replaced. So that took a while to straighten out. Then we were given keys for room 117. When we opened the door the room was a big mess and hadn't been made up. So we went back to the office and they gave us keys to another room. Same thing! By this time we were just about ready to forfeit the money we paid to Expedia and go somewhere else, as the whole motel seemed kind of old and not in great shape. But the third room worked, and that is where we are now.

Next I thought I should do some laundry, as they have a washer and dryer you can pay to use. I sorted out a batch and started washing, but the water came into the washer at a trickle. It must fill by time, because it didn't fill very far at all. I tried again and a bit more water came. The things look clean, even the shirt Bill splashed balsamic dressing on, so I dried them.  But the big batch will wait for another time and place.

We chose this motel because it had good ratings. I wonder how old those ratings are. Oh, and did I mention this is not a great part of town? Not dangerous, but rundown. We leave early tomorrow. 

Love, Bill and Lynn

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