Sunday, March 13, 2016

Fwd: Saturday #2

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Have you had a good day today? I hope so. This has been a good day for us, even though we didn't go to Bok Tower Garden, as we had planned. We didn't go because my sprained ankle yells at me every step I take on uneven ground, and you have to walk on paths most of the time there. The 2 hour drive in each direction wasn't all that appealing, either.

So we had a whole day to fill. Believe it or not, in the morning we decided to go to a nail salon. Bill and Carol had pedicures and I had a manicure. Since Bill had never done that before and I have only had one manicure before, we found it to be great fun. Bill found it a little difficult to handle the foot massage, since he doesn't like to have his feet touched, but he managed to control his reaction and not kick and scream.

In the afternoon Carol gave us a tour of the retirement community she lives in, and then we went to a nearby nature preserve where we saw many birds and 4 alligators. It was amazing to find this large nature preserve so close to all sorts of man made busyness. 

Pictures to follow tomorrow morning.

Love, Lynn and Bill

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