Thursday, March 10, 2016

Clothes trees


Five years ago, Lynn and I took a 5-day writing workshop with Jerry Apps, a much publisher author.  It was at The Clearing, an adult education center in upper Door County, WI.  I did get a bit of a writing bug and I found out that the Clearing serves excellent food. But an unexpected side effect was an interest in and use of clothes trees.

We had one in our room there and made regular use of it.  The idea of a free-standing piece of furniture for hanging and short term placing of clothes seems good to me.  When we got home from Jerry's course, I ordered a clothes tree from Amazon.  They refer to it as a coat rack but it is not just coats.  True, in cold weather, we need a place to put our coats when we come inside and a clothes trees is just the thing.

Amazon sells them inexpensively, in both wood and metal.  We have three in our house now and use them all the time.  They make it possible to put clothes off in a corner, any corner since they are easily moved around and they take minimum time to use and un-use. You have to be careful moving a loaded clothes tree since it is top-heavy.  I accidentally toppled one once and the ax-like fall shattered one of the arms.

I don't know who invented the clothes trees but I thank that person or persons.

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