Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Fwd: Another day

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We got an early start today from Tallahassee to start our drive to Mount Dora to visit some friends. I'm not crazy about driving on interstates because there is almost always frantic, heavy traffic. True, they're the quickest way to get places, but less traveled roads are awfully nice sometimes. So we took a bit of a long cut and enjoyed some slower country roads for the last part of the trip. 

We had lunch in Eustice, and after we ate we decided to walk along the lake a bit before the last leg of the trip. I twisted my left ankle over the edge of the sidewalk and fell forward. I kind of twisted my right wrist and bent one finger backwards. I reset my own finger and limped back to the car. Bill walked to the restaurant where we had lunch and got me some ice, and we went to a drugstore so I could buy yet another ankle brace to add to my collection at home, and a wrist brace. Luckily they're color coordinated, so I don't have clashing braces.

Our friends rented a condo here for March and then rented another one for the first half of March, one right on the golf course. He's been playing golf daily and she is making an effort to learn. And we are spending two nights in the condo they'll be coming to soon, after we leave. The hat is part of the Condo decoration. 

So for now, I'm hoping my wrist will be strong enough for me to drive in a day or two and my ankle, which isn't sprained too badly, will heal quickly enough to finish our plans for the rest of the trip. 

The picture was taken in our motel room last night. Do you know why the sign is there? We don't. 

Love, Bill and Lynn

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