Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Fwd: A decision

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Hi again,

This trip has been open ended since we began, but now we have decided that we will start our trip home on Thursday. So there'll one more day of lounging near the ocean in lovely warm temperatures, and then back to the interstate highways. 

Jekyll Island has been a great place to visit, and I think it might even be a great place to live, except for one thing--the probable rise of the ocean, which I think would make this small15 foot high piece of land a lot smaller. But so far they haven't had a hurricane here in recorded history. I don't know how hot it gets here in the summer, but the 85 degrees we had today was not uncomfortably hot.

This morning we took a tram tour of the historic part of the island. This island, like St. 
Augustine, was the wintering place of many of the rich and famous in the late 1800's until World War II. A lot of their 8,000+ square foot homes are still being used for one thing or another, even if some are only for tourists to see. 

After lunch and a nap we went to the local art gallery, where Bill looked at all sorts of art, while I concentrated on pottery. Then we visited the pottery guild's studio. I found it very appealing. I think I would very much enjoy belonging to a group of potters who are serious about their work, and having a very well-equipped studio big enough for a good number of us to work together as often as we wished. The people who were working there were quite friendly and welcoming towards me. The closest thing I know about like this in Stevens Point is a twice-weekly work session at the senior center. It is not all that well-equipped and not very big either. Oh well, I am lucky to have a studio of my own in my home. 

We drove around the perimeter of the island, about a 22 mile trip, and then worked on making our big decision. We'll take our time getting home, and plan to be there next Monday. 

Lynn and Bill

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