Friday, March 11, 2016

Fwd: Yesterday

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Hi. It looks like I forgot to write yesterday.

Mostly the day was taken up with me resting to help my ankle and hand heal. Rest, ice, compression, elevation. They're coming along. I can hobble along but will probably get a cane today. My hand is doing pretty well. I can do most things with it without pain. 

We went out to lunch to a sweet tea room where men are greatly outnumbered. They have racks of outrageous hats you can wear, which Nancy and I did. Bill and Phil didn't, but then they were all women's hats. The tea was served in individual teapots, and I broke mine by knocking it on the floor. Luckily it was already empty. They were very nice about it. The proprietor told me they use really cheap teapots, but she pays a lot for the cups and saucers. So I'm glad it wasn't a teacup. 

After lunch we walked around a little to a few shops that sold pottery. We saw a wide variety of skill, beauty, and imagination in people's work. I honestly think mine is getting better than some we saw. I'll keep trying!

We were going to go boating in the afternoon, but it was too windy. 

We'll see what adventures today brings.

Lynn and Bill

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