Saturday, April 4, 2020

Write it down

I have read that older people do have so much in their heads that it can be difficult to remember something new.  At the same time, older brains have aged and are aging so they can function less and do so at a slower pace. I try to notice five possible themes for every day of blogging.  I sometimes have more.

I've found that as soon as an idea comes to mind, I need to write it down.  I have read that research has implicated walking through a doorway as a source of forgetting.  I am in my office and realize the coffee maker needs to be turned off. By the time I get to the kitchen, I have forgotten my mission.  Passed through 2 doorways on the trip! Sometimes, I have memorized the reason for going to the kitchen more deeply but when I get there, I see that the mustard has been left out of the refrigerator.  I pick up the bottle and open the door to the refrigerator and I see the grapes I just bought. Hmmm, a grape? Now, why did I come in here?

To my credit, I do know that I had a reason and I do know that it wasn't mustard or grapes.  So, I ponder. I look around for a clue and I see that the coffee maker needs to be turned off.  Yay, me! Observe that I knew enough to look around for the lost goal and to recognize it when given a visual clue.  It is good that my brain functions at least that well. If I want to write down "coffee maker off", the office has many pads and piles of paper I can use.  In the movies, even young people write important phone numbers on their hand but of course, I need something to write with. I haven't gotten to the point where I will bite myself and write in blood but that might happen someday.

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