Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Google everything!

If you don't want to, try Bing (Microsoft) or DuckDuckGo (independent).  I Googled "Dick Tracy". I got this:

If you do it, you won't get what I did, since I chose "Images".  See just above the 2nd picture from the left.  

As a kid, I was taught top-down searching.  Interested in Abe Lincoln?  

A.  Find a book on presidents

B.  Find the table of contents and the index

C.  Look up Abe in each

D.  Turn to the indicated pages

With Google or other modern internet searchers, type "Abe Lincoln" into the seach window and hit Return.

I found 15 milliion results, some of which may be useful.  First one comes from Wikipedia. If that seems worth looking at, I click on it.

I don't have to limit myself to abstract subjects or topics about art or history.  I suspect my dog hates me. What should I do? I Googled "My dog hates" and Google offered "My dog hates me" as one of the clickable choices.  I clicked on it. Found 48 million results. I may look at the likely ones on the first few pages.

Stick with it.  You may be able to solve all your problems and those of your friends.  You may be interested in "Why Learn History (When It's Already On Your Phone)?"

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