Tuesday, April 14, 2020

I'm tired from laughing so much

My friend Dr. Riggs explained to me years ago that when we come across something unexpected, we often laugh.  I have been coming across unexpected events, ideas, comments so much I am getting weak from laughing.  

I got a lift from Lynn's reading a post in Facebook that said our parents were asked to fight WWII on two coasts while we are asked to stay on the couch.  It is a form of isolation but it is also a retreat, a chance to ponder, observe, realize and be aware. The "agony", the "stircrazy" is funny, if I give it a chance.  

I had memorized the date of April 4 since about 50 years ago, we were driving south during spring break and we had to pull off the road to clear the windshield of heavy, wet snow that the wipers couldn't handle.  That was April 4. Today is April 13, spring is in and Easter is past so this is unexpected and worth a snort and a snicker. Or, a tear -

The snow is expected to melt, of course, but maybe not for several days.  And this during a time of established global warming!

You may have seen pictures of Wisconsin voters standing in line (Is 6 feet separation enough?) bearing signs that said "This is ridiculous!"  Of course, just because something provokes laughter doesn't mean it might not be a good idea.

Another angle on laughter is Simone Biles, the American champion gymnast.  CNN's newsletter today showed me this little video of Biles showing her abilities in the handstand.  I tried to do this myself but failed.  


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