Thursday, April 16, 2020

blogging in quarantine

Writing a blog or anything else, ask Google about the matter.  Ask Bing and ask Duckduckgo. I searched with Google: "write my own blog".  I got 1 billion 260 million results.

I asked Bing.  I got 32 million results:

I asked Duckduckgo.  I got an unknown number of results:

I started the blog to advocate for meditation.  I saw much strong evidence that sitting still for 10 minutes and keeping my attention on a single anchor, something I could see or maybe my breath, would be good for me.  Over time, I found more and more excellent authors writing about mediation. At the same time, I got bored with repeating simple directions about 10 minutes of sitting. I realized I could more or less follow the example of Montaigne and write about my thoughts, events of the day, whatever.  

Many people try to make money from a blog but I am not interested in doing that.  Most often, doing so involves putting up ads or product endorsements.

I use Google's blogging service but the links above can offer many alternatives.  Google's service is "Blogger" so to get to that, put that name into a search service or click on  An example of a new blog is "Where is my watch?" by Dr. V. McGlone.  

Personally, I think it is best to write every day but many people write irregularly or weekly or such.  I don't worry too much about numbers of readers. I just let friends or friends of friends know I write.  I email to about 70 people each day and one of those email posts that day's blog on the webpage for "Fun, Fear and Filoz". I try to be even-tempered and not defame people or snarl my prejudices.  I read each post to my wife for assurance.  

I compose in Google Docs, and store the posts in Google Drive.  It can be fun and helpful to look back and see what I said sometimes.  In the fall, I will hold a LIFE class to discuss attempts, failures and successes with blogs.

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