Sunday, April 19, 2020

I am not that unusual

It can be embarrassing but I am learning that ideas and questions I have are not original with me.  I make a habit of reminding myself to look up questions I have and problems I face with Google search. When I do, I find that others have been down the same path before me.

I don't have an aunt Tilly but I made one up.  I just looked up "problems with my aunt Tilly".  I purposely put in something fake but a bit personal.  Google corrected the search to use "problems with my aunt Tillie" but it gives me a chance to use my original spelling if I want.  I admit I am not going to go through 1.4 billions results but I could at least start reading through them if I wanted. The thing that surprises me is how difficult it is to search for anything that makes Google say something like "No information available".  That has happened a few times, not so much with any subject I can think of but when I am looking up an old and rather obscure book. It does sometimes happen that the exact subject I am interested in keeps getting missed and mushed with a different and more popular subject.  

I may get frustrated and simply look to other sources or shelve the search for the time being. But working further, I can alter the search terms.  I didn't try "problems with my aunt", "problems with older, frightened women", "advising women born before WWII" or "avoiding visits from relatives" but I could do that.

I enjoy using Google search to find pictures.  I can use Tools and then Rights and often find pictures that I can use.  I found this in my search for solutions to my Aunt Tilly problems:

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