Sunday, June 26, 2016

I didn't listen (Monday morning post)

Phil told me. Larry told me. Google Think told me over and over for
a whole year. They said that a smartphone was a big deal. They said
life is different with a smartphone. I shuda listened. Lynn got an
iPhone. It is not that different from an iPad. She has had an iPad
for years and uses it every day. What is the big deal?

There are several big deals. Things are tucked away a little
differently on the iPhone. (It is smaller.) It is a phone. Yes, you
can communicate on an iPad but the point of an iPhone is to phone with
it. Many people have abandoned their "land lines" (home phones) to
just rely on their mobile phones. The cordless phones are a little
bit moveable but they don't work very far from their base transmitter.
The cell or mobile phones are just that: mobile, moveable.

There have been articles and comments about some countries adopting
cell phone technology wholeheartedly, without bothering with phone
lines being strung all over the place. But as my friends and Think
with Google have emphasized, the new situation is that people have a
very advanced device right in their pocket or purse. They can be right
in the store (are there still 'stores' around?) and pull out the phone
to Google the price in other stores, to compare other modes or to see
what their honey thinks of the deal.

Lynn has explored many of the options for ringtones. Does she want
classical or recent? Jazz or xylophone? Which one for text messages?
Should things from Hubby get a special sound? My computer doesn't
even have a ringtone! Imagine how primitive that is.

I love having an explorer wife. She has a PhD in instructional
technology. She was an employee of the information technology
department and she taught computer classes. She won awards for her
web sites almost before there were web sites. Still, it is a big
deal: choosing apps, snapping pictures and videos, creating accounts
and passwords. Someday, she will have time to talk again, I bet.

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