Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Power of 1

Pat is considering starting her own blog.  She wrote this post:

The Power of 1

I do Sudokus, at least one puzzle a day and many days, two.
Most days, I get the puzzles completed without too much difficulty or frustration; however, there are days that require me to use my Wite-Out EZcorrect™, sometimes multiple times (I stubbornly insist on doing all my puzzles in pen!).

As all Sudoku doers know, and for those of you who don't, the puzzles range in difficulty from one star to five, or according some puzzle authors' rating systems:   bronze to gold, number 2 to number 5, easy to difficult, etc., etc.

Although I am always pleased when I have successfully correctly completed a Sudoku, what I have also found pleasing is being able to insert the number 1 in its correct place in each of the puzzle boxes.  For some reason I have yet to determine, there is something I enjoy about seeing the number 1 in it proper places in the puzzle.
Of course, our culture has taught us that being number one means we are the best:  the strongest, fastest, smartest.  Number 1 signifies the winner, the best selling brand, the most widely read/watched/listened to.  The first born child is always number 1 and who can forget their first kiss, first car, or first job!  Being or having Number 1 is (just about) always very pleasurable if not memorable.

Placing the number 1 in my Sudoku gives me pleasure, too.  Perhaps I have taken enculturation in a whole new direction!



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