Saturday, June 11, 2016


Reaching others can be complicated: which email, which phone?  Do they ever get around to listening to their messages?  Still have the same number?  Can they hear their ringtone in that noisy store? How can you introduce yourself if they don't accept your messages?

During a presidential year, there are too many ads and requests for money and time so many people just shut down.  How can you contact one of your friends and ask him to lunch?  Go to his house, face down his dog, catch him at home.  But try to pick a time when you will not be intruding.

I read that Charles De Gaulle tended to tell people not to call him.  He said he would call if he wanted to communicate.  We are today quite used to the idea of calling people or emailing them and explaining why they should attend our important meeting or come over for lunch or asking how they grow such beautiful peonies.  In fact, we have so much communication going on that it tends to drive people away from the activity.

In different parts of the world including China and the US, we have internet addiction camps.  We have stereotypes of teens who can't look away from the screens.  But don't kid yourself: I am around 70 year olds and some older still who check their phones, chatter to each other, have lots they need to say.  In fact, you may be having trouble communicating with someone of any age on any part of the globe just because that party doesn't have notifications turned on so while she is deep in Instagram, you can't let her know you are trying to invite her over.  There is only so much we can attend to at once and many of us are full most hours of the day.

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