Wednesday, June 22, 2016

My life in rinsing

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Sometimes, we have a class in publishing.  They ask around for an unpublished manuscript and publish it for the experience of actually getting a book out.  Once they published a book by a local faculty member.  I read it and was impressed by the plot and the main character, who was a pitcher, one far above average.  The story of Jim Bowie is about knives and the story of Robin Hood is about archery.  The main character here defeated bad guys (I remember no bad girls in that time of gender inequality) and saved lives by throwing.  He could throw anything and very accurately.  He could knock the keys off of a sleeping jailer and have them slide within reach.

I often think of that specialist and wonder about other specializations.  Catching for one: catch a tip about a plot, catch a fleeing thief, catch on to a way of making a weapon from the innards of a toilet tank.

But now, I am considering a professional career in rinsing.  I believe in rinsing.  You eat a bowl of breakfast cereal and there are going to be little bits of it left in the bowl.  That is the law of entropy at work.  That little bit left behind will harden into a semi-visible crust that is hard to see and hard to remove.  On the other hand, rinse the bowl and it is smooth and ready for a real washing right away.

This morning, we had cottage cheese and Greek yogurt with blueberries and raspberries for breakfast.  Lynn is a potter and is always designing and experimenting with different patterns and surfaces for her ceramics.  Rinsing the bowls (handmade by an excellent local potter), I saw the water removing the layers of milky components in beautiful and eye-catching patterns.  When I grow up, I am going to be a rinser.

I was told about a year ago that marine welders that work on making steel ships earn something like $340,000 a year and only work a few months.  I bet the future of professional rinsing is at least as promising.  I mean everyone who bathes or showers needs a good rinse.  Your average neighborhood rinse doesn't compare to a professional rinse by a professional rinser.  I will soon launch a string of shops across the nation that offer quick and very high-quality rinses at an attractive price.  We will probably have a coffee, tea and martini bar in them, too.


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