Wednesday, June 1, 2016

I can't be a world leader

I lack ambition to be a world leader.  It seems clear to me that I don't have the nervous system to be Obama or Putin or any world leader.  Angela Merkel heads up all those Germans.  I couldn't do that.

A friend advised me to watch "Madam Secretary".  I found the first season on Netflix.  The pilot was certainly worth watching.  Tea Leoni was a CIA worker and the President got to know her.  One day, their quiet farm is suddenly visited by a cavalcade of fast moving black vehicles.  The President has arrived unannounced to ask her to take the job of secretary of state.  (We all know that a woman could never handle that job.  If I can't, how could a woman?)  But she agrees and she and her husband (Tim Daly is in many places at once, rather like Marta Dusseldorp these days) and their two children move to DC.

Well, you know what is going to happen.  The US is a major target for every testosterone-overloaded kid and his buddies and his leader.  Plus, there seem to be more and more girls joining them in these days.  So, there is trouble and that doesn't rhyme with B and although we aren't talking Benghazi, we might as well be.  So this woman is responsible because two American young guys entered into a country that isn't happy with the US with the goodhearted intent to explain why we should all be nice.  Those authorities are sure they are spies and toss them in prison.  They are toying with the idea of an execution.  But a little talk here and some money spent there and a plane lands in DC with the boys very, very, very happy to be back.

See, I might lose my temper.  I might just crawl into bed and hide under the covers.  I might resign.  I might say those kids are such smartie pants - let them figure out what to do.  Maybe next time, they won't be so quick to decide they know what's best.  Whatever, I chose, I am sure to have sharp tongued critics who can see what I should have done.  I don't think I will make world leader status and that is probably a good thing.

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