Sunday, June 19, 2016

Daily bread

Not too far from us, there is the Natural Oven company that makes bread and bread products such as bagels.  Here in our town we have several bakeries. One was started by several college students who reached graduation without jobs.  Some of the founders have left for other places and now The Main Grain bakery ( seems to be run entirely by a crew of energetic young women.

Our daughter likes to bake and has been the main baker in several kitchens and restaurants.  From her, I learned that the typical baker gets on the job very early in the morning, maybe at 4 AM or earlier.  We heard again just recently that anyone who wants to sell a house should bake some bread to fill the place with a charming, tempting smell when people come to view the house.  We went to 8 houses in a local Parade of Homes a couple of weeks ago and yep, some had people baking bread.

The founder of Natural Ovens was a believer in good bread.  For us, that means something other than pure, white flour, which is not good for people like us who have or nearly have diabetes.  We have found we can keep our blood sugar readings down pretty well if we avoid white flour and white rice.  The founder, Paul Stitt, knew the importance of whole grain products and we are convinced, too.  We buy Rustic White bread from the Main Grain bakery and are always on the alert for other good breads.  For instance, in our local farmers' market, the baker from France, now located in Madison, 100 miles south, produces some delicious bread stuff.

It is surprising how handy it is to have a good loaf of that rustic white sliced.  We keep it frozen in a paper bag inside a sealed plastic bag.  A couple of good sized slices toasted and slathered with oodles of butter makes a very good foundation for any meal.  I like the Land O' Lakes brand of light butter, which is mixed with canola oil.  It is as tasty or more so than full butter, melts more easily and had fewer calories and fat.

When I am in a hurry, one good slice of good bread is enough to tide me over for quite a while.

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