Saturday, June 4, 2016


If you know how to write, it makes sense to do so.  What happened today?  What happened yesterday?  What do you see ?

It can be hard to allow oneself to write about what happened but doing so helps the mind, the memory and the attention take notice of how things are going.  On the small and nearby scale, did you tie your shoes today?  Or, did you slip your foot into shoes, maybe a pair that doesn't need tying.  Did you have a glass of milk or a cup of coffee?

That small and nearby scale can include an amazing number of events, distances, targets.  Think of programming your robot to get shoes and put them on.  Oh, yes, robots are going to need shoes to avoid tracking soil and cut grass into the house. Think of the body sense, perception and motion awareness that the robot would need to open the fridge, extract that heavy gallon of milk, move to the counter and fill a drinking glass without breaking it or spilling.  All that and much more happened right in your house today!

Yes, it is difficult to believe that writing about such common events could be worthwhile but look: I wrote about it and we both had a chance to admire the smooth advanced activities already carried out today right at home.  And you thought little was happening.  Meanwhile, the birds and the bunnies and the ants have been doing all sorts of things, out where the plants, the trees and the clouds are also growing, aging, making use of their abilities and tools.  Take some notice of the world, not just what the media says we should look at and think about.

Writing about your day, your salad, the bread, the coffee gives you a chance to enjoy them all a second time, maybe more than the first time and calorie-free!  But there are ideas, opinions, reactions that you can savor, reconsider, hash over.  With today's computer tools, you can store today's writing where only you will see it.  You can come back to it in a year and relive the day.  You can search your writings in ways and with speeds that are not possible with handwriting.  Or, if you want, you can send parts of your writing to relatives and friends and still have the writing.  The copy and paste functions are just about universal in software today.

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