Saturday, June 25, 2016

Ideas, thrills and bright colors (enlarge this control- or command- plus sign)

America is over-excited in many ways and for many reasons.  We are a young, gung-ho country and we believe in young gung-ho ways.  We are heavily saturated with media, professional writers, photographers, marketers and scientists dedicated to doing their best to attract our attention.  Biologically, the best way to do that is to shout "Fear!", "Disaster coming!" or that old Aesop warning "Wolf!"

Is there a market for quiet writing?  To some extent, there is and it is probably growing.  I started this blog to advocate for and explain meditation.  But that was nearly a decade ago and since then, the idea and the method of meditating, as well as the justification for spending 10 timed minutes a day, steadily attending to one's breath or other focus and putting aside the incessant stream of mental suggestions to other lines of thought have really blossomed out. Doing that increases awareness of one's self-permitted thoughts and one's ability to achieve inner quiet quickly and deeply.

I like the idea of being in contact with others.  I like moving beyond meditation to simple exploration of experiences and ideas that come up, using basic language and concepts.  The internet is still available to only about 40% of the world's population but it is growing.  There are more and more ways to use the internet.  "Think with Google" has made clear over the last year and a half that a big change is happening as more and more people get smartphones and learn more and more how to use them. The smartphones are powerful and people have them with them to use shopping, conversing, on the spur of the moment.

I plan now to limit my blog writing to simple text writing.  I have been critical of Twitter going from 140 characters per comment to the same idea with a picture added.  Bingo!  We go from a picture to an embedded video.  Just click here!

Lynn wrote her PhD dissertation about hypertext and embedded links.  It is clearly a very good idea but can be overdone, providing distractions built on other distractions.  So, I hope you will pardon me if I omit thrills, shouts, pictures and just send a note of words, letters, plain text.

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