Thursday, June 23, 2016

what is happening with my blog posts

As you may have noticed, many of my emails to the blog recipients have been bouncing back to me without being delivered.  The most common identifier of spam is a large number of recipients being sent a BCC message.  The blind carbon copy keeps others from seeing who else received the message and it may also serve to protect the email address from spammers and those who want to misuse addresses for such purposes as threatening or committing crimes in the name of another.  Those characteristics: large number and use of BCC apply to my daily stuff.  


Often, spam has links to herd the reader to more material.  I thought I had sent posts with no internal links but I forgot about the signature at the bottom which is added automatically and contains links to the blog web page, my Twitter account and my own web site.  Besides, I usually send messages in HTML format, the form that allows for links, different fonts and colors and such.  


My blog, my email and my web site all use free Google products and I am grateful for their existence.  I am not complaining and there are a number of things I can try to allow continued mailing to those who want to be on the list.  One of the steps I want to try is using "plain text" format instead of HTML, the format for many web pages today.  Another thing I plan to try it mailing this message in the next few minutes.  I usually send my daily posts out about 6 or 7 AM central US time.  I am curious about whether a different time of day and a simpler format will produce as many rejected, bounced messages.

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