Sunday, December 30, 2018

Which model?

I have been using a Kindle electronic reader for about ten years.  I have many books in my archive and about 60 in the reader itself. I like the lightweight reader that can contain a hundred books but still weigh what a steno pad does.  I like the longlasting battery and the speed of recharging. I especially like that I can get a book silently and immediately using the cellphone-type system that downloads a book in seconds from the air into my device wherever I am.  

The other day I discussed the Kindle a little with someone who had tried one and didn't like it.  I found out by accident that the Kindle that had been tried was the first model that came out. There is quite a difference!

Consider archery:

changed over time to

The old bow might have cost $50 new.  The newer model is advertised for $895.  Hunters pay that price and I am confident they find the innovations worth the money.

Same with Kindles:

morphed into

It is lighter, faster and holds more.  Some excellent books are available at zero cost or very low costs.

I bought a Paperwhite model without an internal keyboard and a smart screen.  I thought I didn't need those features but I was wrong and got the more advanced model.  

A feature that I use frequently relates to highlighting.  As a student, I didn't highlight my texts. Some recent research says that I took a good approach and that students who make notes in handwriting retain the material they are studying better than other methods.  However, now when I am reading and I find a gem of a sentence, I highlight it using my fingertip. Up comes a screen to ask if I want to share the selection on Twitter. I hardly ever post in my Twitter account (olderkirby) other than to share great sentences.  The other part of the highlighting feature that I use is that each selection is added to a file. I can send the whole file of selections to my email at anytime. It makes a fine personal summary of the book I read.

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