Saturday, December 1, 2018

content vs. contact

I wanted to promote daily, quiet, unobtrusive, meditative practice.  The evidence was strong that it is easy and valuable and very inexpensive.  Like brushing your teeth and as good or even better for you.


Then, I got tired of writing the same old thing.  Some friends got tired of reading the same old thing.  One kind of meditation tries to observe the stream of thoughts and associations that flow through the mind - just observing but not getting caught up by any of them. Any word or phrase or image can be associated with a nearly endless list of ideas, feelings and impulses.  I have a wide ranging imagination plus media, news organizations and books - all give me ideas and themes that I ponder.


I branched out to writing about the themes in my head and events in my life. At the same time, I realized that ancient Greek and Roman thinkers had also roamed over a range of topics as had more recent writers such as Michel de Montaigne.  I am not interested in putting my writing away in a secret drawer but neither do I want to push it, "promote" it, "brand" it or "monetize" it.  I just want it available to those who might be interested in it.


Modern email, including mailing lists, are faster and cheaper than paying about half a dollar per letter.  Plus, it is easier to store.  So, the blog web page easily expanded to a mailing list. A single word, say "Fear", can immediately paste many email addresses onto a single post, without error.  I did find that emailing to specific people resulted in more comments and reactions that merely posting on a blog page.


Generally, I seem to be naturally drawn to content and less to its frame or appearance.  However, over time, I may have gotten more from relations sustained through steady contact in Inboxes than anything that results from pondering and reflection.  Getting something, especially from a live person, one who is known and is not merely writing ads and  promotions and is actively engaged in conversation, mental exploration and personal revelation, is a feature that stands out in modern life.


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