Sunday, December 9, 2018

Pretty good

Even in a relatively small town near the great northwoods, this is a busy time of the year.  Not only do we have the holiday rush on us, we also have a college semester ending in a college town, and a school semester ending, too.  Thanksgiving is a good holiday and being thankful for our many blessings promotes strength and cheer, but that holiday always upsets normal week procedures, as it should, but it begins a whirlwind.  Of course, world events, politics, medical, social and economic events also add to activity and communication needs and burdens.

I wouldn't write a blog and email back and forth with friends if I were really bent on withdrawing to a mountain top.  But I and everybody, from the 90 year olds to the 15 month old boy we saw at dinner last night, have limits. We can't think everything.  We can't even notice everything. We can't taste everything, nor try everything. A highly educated and experienced scientist said to me this past week,"It is one of the great failures of my life that I never…"  I told him that his life has no failures but I doubt if he took my words to heart. He is probably still convinced that he really ought to have …

I am an American and I guess most of us USA-ers are repelled by any image that smacks of blasé acceptance of passing hours and unsurpassed quotas.  Unreached goals are shameful and cowardly and dirty and all. I just read in a friend's newsletter that "pretty good" is not good enough. I would beg to differ but it is more acceptable these days to DEMAND to differ.  

We CAN slow down, we CAN reject a lovely offer, we CAN stay in bed a little longer, we CAN nod off in this chair.  

Yes, it is true what they say.  At the Pearly Gates, every last error, every bit of slip and shod, all the times you didn't and many of those times you did but you hoped nobody noticed, they are all going to get review and held firmly against you.  But you don't have to worry. After the intense and microscopic review, you can point to this particular post as evidence that you have tons and tons of achievements and accomplishments, crowds of witnesses and character references, that taken together, fully justify your entry.  My wife is suspicious of my authorization to create clearances, but I have assured her that I represent very high authorities and am fully documented.

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