Saturday, April 30, 2016

A new exercise tool

If you ever visit the web page for this blog ,

you will see down the right side of the page, some bits of other blogs that have struck me as valuable from time to time.  I used to use Google Reader as a tool for collecting blogs that seemed good but the company discontinued that service.  I now use Feedly  It can rather easily be set to stay alert to any blog of interest and transmit to you a snippet from the most recent post.  On my blog's page, I show some of the latest posts of 26 blogs but I actually follow in a lazy and disorganized way, more than 100 blogs.  I only look into my Feedly about once every week or so but independent, often non-commercial writers and thinkers can turn up some interesting items that you don't read about on Google News.

One of the blogs I have listed is titled "Academy Blog" but it is actually from Theraband, a company that makes wide, stretchy plastic bands that can be used for exercise and muscle building.  They make bands for exercise that range from light, easily stretched to very heavy and strong band that I can barely move at all.

A couple of days ago, I saw the Academy Blog's latest post mentioned something about running in place.  Since it is often too cold, too windy, too rainy or too icy to run outside, I am interested in better ways to run in place, once in a while.  I clicked on the little preview ("snippet") but I didn't understand what the item was about.  They wrote about "a band of consecutive loops".  What?  Huh?  Well, it turns out that they have taken two strips of stretch band and welded them together in spots.  If you page down this page  

and look for the pictures of a band of many consecutive hand holes, you can get the idea of what this thing is.

It is basically a band with spaces in it for placing your hands, feet, knees, arms or whatever in order to stretch against resistance.  The spaces are strong and reliable, the whole band is inexpensive and light and easy to carry.  I got one and used it as shown on the main page for the product.  I was impressed at the similarity between using the band and going to my weight room and using some of the complex and very expensive machines.

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