Friday, April 1, 2016

Google timer and other gadgets.

I like Gmail, even on an iPad or other Apple product, because I can easily get it and Drive and Google Photos on my Mac and other devices and any computer anywhere.  Of course, Google Search can find things, all sorts of things.  You can ask Google How many hectares in an acre? And the answer pops right up: .404686.  If you want to keep doing math and you can't find the other calculator, the one with working batteries, just type "calculator" and you have one all set.

I like timers.  They can be used to work on habits.  More exercise?  Set a timer and do a couple of sit-ups or one minute of running in place.  Remember to call dear Aunt Sally?  Set and timer and call when it rings.  Done right, you can dominate your life and thought with lots and lots of timers. Just one room can easily accommodate 11 timers.  Of course, you need notes to remind yourself what each one is timing and what to do when it rings.

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The timer on the first page of an iPad is a good one.  You can spend quite a bit of time deciding which tone creates the best atmosphere when it rings.  Lynn gets a lift from the xylophone although it is a little hard to find.  But, go to Google Search and type "timer".  There it is.  Can run for hours or just minutes.  Can even run for just seconds, which the Apple timer cannot do.  

Of course, you can have several web pages open at once, all running Google timers for different purposes.

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