Thursday, April 14, 2016


Somewhere around 10,000 years ago, humans started deliberately putting seeds of food plants in the ground in handy locations and watering them and watching over them.  Agriculture was born.  It wasn't a completely positive development.  They couldn't wander as much and they began to live in more stationery locations in larger clumps.  That meant more socializing but also more disease and more quarrels.  But agriculture did produce more food.  The food was precious but it had to be protected.  So: containers!

Some ziplock bags are very good containers but they couldn't be found in the lands of the Middle East ten thousand years ago.  People at various places on Earth had been making pottery for as much as 20,000 years before agriculture began so they had earthenware jars and such and knew how to make them and use them.  Great for keeping the bugs and rats out of the grain.  Agriculture increased the need for good containers but containers for liquids like water, oil and wine had been needed for a long time.

We live in a railroad town so "containers" brings to mind Rose George's "90% of Everything" about the container industry and their use in shipping.  Containers the size of railroad cars and the trailer sections of an 18-wheeler truck can be loaded onto a ship, moved to a train and be individually hooked to a truck cab for deliver in a smaller town like ours or anywhere else.  

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