Friday, May 29, 2020

Putting thought behind expression

I am still thinking about free speech.  I write a blog post each day that several of my friends say they like reading.  I don't place ads on the blog and I don't get paid to endorse products.  I do mention products that I like, such as the Kindle reader. I have a couple of friends who put writing online and I have offered talks about blogging.  

I think carefully about what I want to write.  I don't just write whatever comes to mind first.  I omit information that I think is personal, for me or for others.  I stay aware of what would probably be embarrassing or unnecessarily disagreeable.  When I think how easy it is to hurt, embarrass or alienate someone by accident, through careless choice of words, I realize there is no such thing as completely free speech.  The better I get at expressing ideas forcefully, imaginatively, memorably, effectively, the more powerful and motivating my writing becomes.  The same seems true of anyone else.  

A distinguishing feature of humans is their speech.  Today, we have a bit more technology to help us understand what is happening inside a functioning thinking human brain and body, but it is still quite limited and rough.  So, speech and writing are still our main tools for thought, discernment, analysis and mutual comparison and influence.  The book "The Ten Thousand Year Explosion" posits two main forces in human life and change over the last 10,000 years: agriculture and writing. The increase in food supplies and in understanding of what is healthy, life-enhancing food has certainly assisted in the human population reaching 7.5 billion. 

But writing, the internet and the ability to transmit voice and images has reached new levels of what can be done and by whom.  And, I need to add: how quickly.  I am just beginning to grasp how important speed is as a component of human life and interaction.  From the speed with which I can think to the speed with which I can type to the reaction speed of this computer, or my car, everywhere speeds and turn-around times have a big effect on my thought and life.  

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